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    «Here is an exercise for you…

    Go to your planning spreadsheet and hide everything but the ticker and the industry. Hide the yield. Hide the P/E. Especially hide your cost basis. You know the companies on your spreadsheet, I presume, or they wouldn’t be there. What are the highest quality companies in each sector?

    My take? (* denotes a company I do not own at this time)

    Consumer Staples: PG, *CL, NSRGY, PEP, *COST, KMB, HRL, SYY, *KO, *CHD, DEO, *WMT, UL

    Plenty of quality to choose from in that sector! You don’t need to own them all, though I would question why you would want to go much beyond this list.

    Consumer Discretionary: DIS, NKE, *HD, *GPC

    You’ve probably noticed by now that I tend to pass on retail? 🙂 A personal foible.

    Healthcare: JNJ, MDT, RHHBY, NVS

    Credit ratings falling in this sector, with far too many companies aiming for BBB+ ratings. There are relatively few left with pristine books. I own all four.

    Industrial: HON, ITW, *BA, MMM, UNP, UTX, *GWW

    Ambivalent on whether that last should be included. It is strong, for sure, but I may have it slightly overrated?

    Technology: MSFT, AAPL, INTC, *GOOGL, CSCO

    Others: BRK.B, XOMI don’t include Utilities or REITs on this list, so please don’t read anything into that omission. They are hard to compare fairly as they work from different metrics. For that matter I only include 50-60 companies total. If your favorite top-quality company isn’t listed, it may be that I haven’t added them to my watchlist yet. I don’t follow everything!»