• Luis G. ha respondido al debate Ted SeeksQuality en el foro Estrategia hace 8 meses, 2 semanas

    «Wrote options against SBUX @ $67.50 and AAPL @ $170, as both positions have grown substantially since I last touched them. Will be happy to keep the shares if the price drops below that in the next few months. Will be happy to take the money if it doesn’t happen.

    That opened room in the portfolio to add CSCO, which I’ve been talking about doing for months. (I admit that I do limit the amount in Technology, and have AAPL arbitrarily classified as a Technology company, and thus this limited my opportunities to fill out the CSCO position. Task accomplished.)

    Also added a few shares of VTR. Didn’t look at the price, yield, or valuation, other than to calculate how many shares are needed to bring it up to size.

    Spent most of the last hour and a half looking at the proposed MLB rule changes, as well as some of the locations mentioned by Jeff and Zaan for vacationing. The actual trade orders probably took fifteen minutes. 🙂 Enjoy!»