• Luis G. ha respondido al debate Ted SeeksQuality en el foro Estrategia hace 8 meses, 2 semanas

    Parece que también asesora a gente.

    «In a portfolio I advise for an older individual, desiring quality and stability but with no particular need for income…

    Adding to JNJ, SYY, DIS, HON, LOW. Not recommending additions to HRL or MKC at this time based on valuation. (Might catch them next round regardless.)

    Positions sorted by size after the adds: JNJ, PG, ABT, AXP, SYY, AAPL, CSCO, DIS, HON, MMM, CVS, LOW, UPS, HRL, MKC. It is a concentrated portfolio, but just a fraction of this individual’s assets, so the position sizes do not present undue risk»