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    «In my son’s portfolio, this year has been declared the Year Of The Build. I’m looking to build positions in low yielding, high dividend growth companies, with an eye for capital gains as well.

    The list I am starting with includes DG .. HD .. NEE .. NKE .. MA .. VI have already made the first move by adding to DG. Next up .. HD.

    Since I like the idea of young people investing smaller amounts of money, $1K lots is fine, I don’t have to be very concerned about valuations. I don’t need to wait for a company to go on sale. I will be adding to these companies many times over the years and I refuse to make today’s purchase the most important decision of my life based on cost. I like the company, I want to own more of the company, I added to the company.

    Know what I like best? … I’m adding to a winning position. My new cost basis is just $71.16 and the price is currently at $112.22. … Anyone here would love to own DG at $71?

    That position is still up 57.77% after adding these shares. In the comment above you will see the market value for DG was $3,603, it is now $4,205. I will continue to slowly build these companies as I go.

    I chose DG first because I like having access to the dollar stores. DG shows same store sales growth every year regardless of economic times. They are one of the few companies that do well during recessions.

    Their dividend growth ain’t too shabby either. They raised it 11% last time, due to announce next dividend payment in March.»