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The Active Vs. Passive Performance Debate Is Nonsensical by Chuck Carnevale


” I look for companies that are producing dividend yields higher than the market with companies that have long histories of increasing their dividends over sustained periods of time. The simple strategy virtually assures me that I will generate more spendable income than the index is capable of providing. Consequently, I am positioned to currently, and in the future, outperform the S&P 500 on a total dividend income basis.

However, I have also experienced a very interesting side effect that often occurs over the long run. In the majority of cases, if I’m investing in above-average yielding stocks, and I am careful to buy them when valuation is sound, I might even beat the S&P 500 on a total return basis as well. Maybe not over the short run, and maybe not over every time frame, but in the long run, my total returns can be quite attractive.

Although this seems simple, it is also extremely challenging for many to implement. It takes patience, and a certain amount of research and due diligence, coupled with constant monitoring. But once again, not price monitoring, but monitoring the fundamental strength and success of the businesses you have chosen.”

Un optimista es un pesimista mal informado