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Curioso que en el caso de Shell, leyendo, menciona las dos scrip Y DRIP

Our policy is to grow the US dollar dividend in line with our view of the underlying earnings and cash flow of Shell.
When setting the dividend, the Board of Directors looks at a range of factors, including the macro environment, the current balance sheet and future investment plans. In addition, we may choose to return cash to shareholders through share buybacks, subject to the capital requirements of Shell. It is our intention that dividends will be declared and paid quarterly.

Dividends are declared in US dollars and we announce the euro and sterling equivalent amounts at a later date.
Dividends declared on Class A shares are paid by default in Euros, although holders of Class A shares are able to elect to receive dividends in sterling.
Dividends declared on Class B shares are paid by default in sterling, although holders of Class B shares are able to elect to receive dividends in Euros.
Dividends declared on ADSs are paid in US dollars.

Scrip Dividend Programme
Beginning with its first quarter interim dividend for 2015, RDS provides eligible shareholders with a choice to receive dividends in cash or in shares via a Scrip Dividend Programme.

Read the Scrip Dividend Programme terms and conditions.
See the dividend download library page for other scrip dividend related documents including US/UK tax basis documents.
Dividend Reinvestment Plans
Following the introduction of the Scrip Dividend Programme, the Dividend Reinvestment Plans previously provided by Equiniti and ABN AMRO Bank N.V. have been withdrawn; the dividend reinvestment feature of the plan provided by The Bank of New York Mellon has likewise been withdrawn.

Shareholders who participated in one of these Dividend Reinvestment Plans will in most cases not automatically be enrolled in the Scrip Dividend Programme and will in most cases need to elect to join.
Further Questions?
You can find the most frequently asked questions on the Q&A page in our Shares & Shareholder section.

Alternatively you can use the below table to identify who best to contact in case you have any further questions on RDS dividend policies or general help.

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