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Gracias Luis,

Lo de los bajistas igual tiene que ver con el comentario que encontre en Seeking Alpha y que pegue aqui hace poco, lo vuelvo a poner:


It was positive that Pandora confirmed their expectations to the full year results.

It will be interesting to see if the 3 hedgefunds will build further on their short positions. Maverick, Coatue and Lone Pine are by the way all related to Tiger Global Management and I think it is fair to assume that it is a coordinated short attack the 3 hedgefunds have started. This could mean that the short attack is based on 1 analysis and therefore there may not be 3 different analysis confirming the same thing. The question is how much firepower the 3 hedgefunds are willing to dedicate to this short bet. (there may also be limits to how many additional shares they are able to borrow, given that the size of the funds their short positions in Pandora are already relatively big. It should also be noted that the jewelry business is not the core competency of these hedgefunds which may make them uncertain about their short position.