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La conclusiones del artículo son exactamente las mismas que llevamos repitiendo muchos de los que merodeamos por aquí desde que las noticias sobre un “crash inminente” empezaron a ser el pan de cada día

Successful investing isn’t about avoiding or predicting market corrections or the start / end of the next bull / bear market. Yes, you might be lucky and get better returns if you get it right. But the chances are you’ll get it wrong.
The four things that you can do to maximize the odds of a successful investing outcome are:

Minimize trading / investing fees
Hold a diversified set of assets
Save as much as you can
Don’t panic and let time do its thing
So ignore the noise and stay the course as much as possible. It may be a rollercoaster ride over the next ten, twenty or thirty years but you’ll get there. Record highs are to be expected not feared – it’s what compounded growth means after all.

Un optimista es un pesimista mal informado